Donata Skinfood + Flawless Bundle

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Donata Joseph built her Hair and Skinfood brand to help individuals GLOW from the inside out with a focus on using ingredients from the ground. The beloved brand is an advocate for mental wellness, uplifting the community and motivating each person to live an abundant life.

Give your hair and skin a self-care treat! Hydrating and moisturizing formulas will renew and restore your hair, scalp, skin and spirit! 

 Included in the bundle:

Donata Skin Food Heiwa Soap – Made with nourishing aloe, calming eucalyptus and diatomaceous earth, this creamy lather works to hydrate and smooth all skin types. This rich, trio blend makes for the perfect facial regimen by reducing the appearance of irritation, all while creating a soft and supple feel on the skin.

Donata Skin Food Lemongrass Oil – Fresh pressed Lemongrass Oil infused with our nutrient-rich herbal blend quenches what dehydrated, thirsty skin craves. This body oil is perfectly blended with nature’s goodness to restore moisture balance to your skin, while stimulating the senses.

Flawless 5 Butter Miracle Masque 8oz – Flawless 5 Butter Masque melts into hair, deeply moisturizing and repairing while protecting against breakage.

Flawless Restoring Exotic Oil 2oz – Flawless Restoring Exotic Oil Treatment hydrates dry, dull hair to replenish and protect against breakage.